How Kim Myung Soo Prepared For His Role In ‘Welcome’, Goals For 2020, Birthday Plans & Message To Filipino Fans

On January 12, Idol-Actor Kim Myung Soo attended the press conference held in Novotel Manila in Araneta City Cubao, Philippines for his 2020 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting [Come With Me] in Manila.

The actor shared how he prepared for his upcoming drama ‘Welcome’ as a cat that turned into a human, his goals for 2020, and even shared his birthday plans and never forgot to give a message to his Filipino Fans.


Sunny Kim: So you mentioned a while ago that an angel is not a very common role in Korea, having said this, what’s the biggest challenge in the role of playing an angel?

Myung Soo: It was very difficult for me to find an inspiration for the character because how can we relate “how an angel would feel” but through the discusion with the producer, director and the rehearsal we had with this, I was able to immersed myself from the role.

Sunny Kim: This year you are set to play as a cat that turns into a human. How do you prepare for this role?

Myung Soo: The role that I’m playing is a cat that turned into human. I have a cat, so, I observe it and study my cat I could play my role perfectly.

Sunny Kim: How was your role Hong Jo different from the other roles you’ve played before?

Myung Soo: It’s very different since I’m playing as a cat that turned into human and at the same time, the charcter is very child-like, very innocent and I tried to help my on-screen partner just like how people (like us) want to help others.

Sunny Kim: What would you say are the characteristics of Hong Jo that is similar to you?

Myung Soo: I could not find any characteristics that’s similar to him and Hong Jo. Before taking a role I try to find a similar characteristics similar to me. But for this role, it’s really difficult to find a common ground beacuse the character thatI play is a cat. That’s the challeng and beauty in that.

That’s why in this project you can see the new side of me, so please look forward to it.

Sunny Kim: What can we look forward to your new drama? Will there be a lot of romantic scenes because we, Filipinos, love romance.

Myung Soo: If you love romance, this is a perfect drama for you. Now that I know that you (Filipinos) love romance, I’ll be working hard with the romantic scenes that I have in the drama with Shin Ye Eun.

Sunny Kim: Aside from “Welcome” what other projects in terms of acting and music that we can expect from you for the rest of the year?

Myung Soo: My goal this year is to show different side of him as a singer, a performer, I’m gonna be trying to work on my solo album this year. And for acting projects, I’m working on a new drama right now, please look forward to it.

Sunny Kim: You’ve been in the industry for quite sometime, and you’ve acquired countless achievements, is there yet a goal you still want to achieve or what new goals have you set for yourself this year?

Myung Soo: I have a lot of goal I set for myself every year. But this year, I want my upcoming drama “Welcome” to be a hit. And hopefully, I could release an album as well.

Sunny Kim: In Philippines, it’s popular to have a New Year’s Resolution, which means something you want to change about yourself. What’s your New Year’s Resolution or what’s one thing you want to change about yourself?

Myung Soo: I want to work with many projects as I can and show a better side or different of me.

Sunny Kim: Your birthday is also quiet near, it’s only two months away, actually your birthday’s on March 13, right? My birthday is also March 13. How do you plan to celebrate or what’s your wish for your birthday?

Myung Soo: I don’t have a plan yet on how I should celebrate my birthday, but I think I would be in the filming set of “Welcome” or I might be working.

Sunny Kim: Your message to Filipino Fans that have been excited for your return to the Philippines.

Myung Soo: It’s been a while since I performed here in the Philippines and I am really looking forward for my fan meeting. I’ve been preparing for it, but I still feel nervous. I hope to see you all. I am hoping for your constant support and love


The 2020 Kim Myung Soo Come With Me Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by Management Leesang and Applewood; and promoted by CDM Entertainment.

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