Idol-Actor Kim Myung Soo Says He Would Love To Explore Metro Manila By Foot + Eating On Jollibee

On January 12, Idol-Actor Kim Myung Soo attended the press conference held in Novotel Manila in Araneta City Cubao, Philippines for his 2020 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting [Come With Me] in Manila.

During the interview, Sunny Kim asked Myung Soo on Philippine-related topics.

Sunny Kim: So, Myung Soo, this is not your first time in the Philippines. You’ve been to the country a couple of times already, how does it feel that this time around, you came alone?

So it’s been a while since I’ve been here and I’m very excited to perform today. I’ve been preparing for this special show so you can look forward to it.

Sunny Kim: In your past visits here, you’ve also experienced the kind of passion that Filipino fans have for their Idols, but this time does it make you nervous or excited that you’ll be receiving all their love by yourself?

I’m very nervous because it’s been a while since since I performed and it’s also been a while since I saw my fans here but, I was very happy because the moment I landed at the airport, there were a lot of fans waiting for me. That’s why I am very happy and nervous as well.

Sunny Kim: Do you have plans of exploring some tourist destinations in the country or are there some places you’d like to visit in the Philippines.

I’m on a tight schedule right now so I do not reallt have a time to go to different places, visit some tourist attractions but I really like walking around the city, so if I have time, I would love to explore Metro Manila by foot

Sunny Kim: It’s really hot here, it’s gonna be very difficult to explore Metro Manila by foot.

Yesterday (January 11, Saturday), I noticed that it’s not hot at night, I am going to rehearse this afternoon, maybe at night, if I get a chance, I would love to walk around and explore the city.

Sunny Kim: We heard that you love food, so what are some of the Filipino foods that you have tried?

Actually, I haven’t tried any Filipino food yet, so I would like to ask for a recommendation.

Sunny Kim: What do you think he should try?

*Someone from the press shouted “Jollibee”*

I haven’t tried Jollibee yet, but I would love to try it later.

The 2020 Kim Myung Soo Come With Me Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by Management Leesang and Applewood; and promoted by CDM Entertainment.

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