Kim Myung Soo On Challenges, Co-Stars, Differences In Upcoming Drama ‘Welcome’ + Romance For Fans

On January 12, Idol-Actor Kim Myung Soo attended the press conference held in Novotel Manila in Araneta City Cubao, Philippines for his 2020 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting [Come With Me] in Manila.

Sunny Kim: You’ve had several drama roles over the years, what other roles or genres would you like to try that you haven’t tried before?

I don’t have a specific role that I want to play. But as an actor, I want to be a versatile actor so I want to try much roles as possible.

Sunny Kim: You’ve been acting for a long time now, if there’s one important lesson you’ve learned from your acting, what would it be?

The most important that I learned is to relate myself form the character. There was a time I played as a judge so I had to study how a judge thinks or to study how a judge works. And for my upcoming drama, I’m gonne be playing as a cat, so I put myself in the position of a cat like how the cat would feel or think. That’s the most important lesson I’ve learned, to immersed well on my character.

Sunny Kim: Acting presents a lot of challenges, can you share us some funny or embarassing moments from your filming?

There’s not really one specific story that I can recall, but usually, most of the time after shooting a scene, I would remember that “Oh, that was a funny scene” and everything after the shoot becomes a special memories for me.

Sunny Kim: Let’s talk about your co-stars, you’ve been in a lot of acting projects and you’ve had the opportunity to work with other several big names in the acting industry. What do you want to work with next or who’s your dream co-star?

I would love to act with much stars as possible. I am working with Shin Ye Eun right now, I really want to make a good chemistry with her so we could present a good drama for the viewers.


Sol-A (Shin Ye-Eun) is a woman in her mid 20’s and works for a graphic design company. She dreams of becoming a webcomic artist and she is a sociable person. Sol-A happens to take home a cat, Hong-Zo (Kim Myung-Soo). Sol-A is unaware that Hong-Zo is not an ordinary cat. He has the ability to transform into a human being. Living with the cat Hong-Zo, Sol-A gets involved in unexpected cases.

‘Welcome’ is set to air on March 25, 2020  every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The 2020 Kim Myung Soo Come With Me Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by Management Leesang and Applewood; and promoted by CDM Entertainment.

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