Come With Me in Manila: The Fun & ‘Sana All’ Moments In Meeting Kim Myung Soo

From a talented and a visual member of INFINITE to a great actor… yes! we’re talking about L as a member of INFINITE and Kim Myung Soo as an actor.

It’s been 5 long years since his last visit with the members of INFINITE, but January 12, 2020 marks his solo visit to the Philippine stage.

Out of all the fan meets and concerts we’ve been to, admit it, Myung Soo has the most fan service out of all the Korean celebritites we’ve met. We definitely loved it and we will never ever forget about the “2020 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting [Come With Me] in Manila” that took place in the New Frontier Theater.

If you’re wondering how the rest of our nights went, let me tell you this:

Myung Soo started the best one and half hour of our night with singing an OST from his most recent historical drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask” entitled “It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me” and made us all go crazy with his vocals! Come on, he’s an Idol for a plenty of reasons.

The Idol-Actor introduced himself and greets his fans after his performance, and he received a suprising loud cheers from the crowd. We, Filipinos, have the strongest and loudest crowd, enough for an artist to always remember us.

He could never stop saying constantly how glad he was that he was back in the Philippines — so much that he was already dreaming about when to get here again! It was easy to tell he was having a lot of fun.


Have you ever wished that one night you get to hear your idol singing “Happy Birthday” to you? Ugh, yes, we all do and it came true, not for us, but for this girl who got picked by Myung Soo in the Q&A board.

The fan’s birthday is actually the same date as the fan meet which made it really special. He started singing happy birthday to her with looking at her eyes, and by the time it is done, the fan ask for her gestures) Myung Soo for a selca which Sunny Kim (the MC) understood the gesture and immediately explained that it is somehow not allowed and she needs to go down the stage. Uh-oh, Myung Soo seemed to understand what happened so while the fan is taking the stairs to go down, he called her and said they should take a selca together. They even hugged each other. I guess it’s time for you to say “sana all”

YES! It’s not fantasy, it’s the reality!


He then shared every detail of his day before 6:00 PM of January 12 hits the clock. And if you’ve been with L from the very first time, you know how much he loves food, right? He shared that there’s not an hour he would not ask his manager for a food because he’s hungry. He even crave for a mango juice because he saw his fans drinking it and that it also looked delicious that’s why he asked “again” his manager for a mango juice.

Myung Soo then ordered a drink from Startoot which made everyone laugh because he tried to censor the brand. But while taking about it, Sunny Kim accidentally dropped the brand name that Myung Soo had been trying to hide behind every toot toot lol! Kim Myung Soo shooks his head while smiling with what happened. (We definitely love Myung Soo-Sunny Kim tandem)


OGs where you at? You knew this all along! But we never expected something like this. As L answers which subject does he like when taking a photo, something unexpected is about to happen… he called a lucky fan to answer that question! Kim Myung Soo “himself” took a photo of fan! YES! A legend did that! After taking her photo, they took a selca together.


L was given a chance to rate (100% is the highest) his performance in his dramas and revealed that he gives himself a 100% but during that night, his 100% is with his fans who came to see him.

As fans voted “Kim Dan” as their favorite Kim Myung Soo drama character, he also shared that his character in “Shut Up Flowe Boy Band” is his personal favorite because he was able to show different emotions from the drama. He also chose (his K-drama character) “Im Ba Reun” of “Miss Hammurabi” and Yoo Tan (The Day After We Broke Up) as a closest to his personality.

Kim Myung Soo then transformed into Hyun Soo (Shut Up Flower Boy Band character) for his next stage and sang “Love U Like U” (an OST from SUFBB drama). He went down the stage to serenade his fans closely. It’s definitely worth every money you spent and worth every second we waited for him.


The idol turned actor was supposed to give out one customized tumblr “only” to a lucky fan, but upon finding out that there’s one more left tumblr to be used back stage… he did not hesitate to ask the staff to bring it! The first lucky winner went up to the stage to get her tumblr and a hug, while the second one took longer than expected to be on stage that’s why Myung himself, went down to give the customized tumblr he made.

More? Okay, we got you! As five fans arrived and were chosen by the singer-actor to have a selfie and with him, the New Frontier Theater went wild because only one lucky was supposed to be picked but hey… Kim Myung Soo is a fan service King there’s no way he would follow what’s written on the program and chose 4 more lucky fans!

In life, there’s always someone who will win and someone who will lose, right? But Kim Myung Soo just reminded us that these people won’t go home feeling sad because they lost the game! He hugged every contestant that lost in the “Human Bingo Game” without any hesitation! Girls, guys, gays, and even elders! See that personality that runs in his blood only proves that he’s more of a “Im Ba Reun”

Kim Myung Soo also gave fans a chance to take photos of him while posing on different seasons. He received another, loud cheer as the season of summer appeared in the screen and he doesn’t actually know how to pose. Uh-oh, not until he turns his back to audience and starts unbottoning his polo. It made everyone in the venue screaaaaam! Yes, I did. Uhm, I mean, we all did!

While on more emotional side, as the winter appeared, he started singing their (INFINITE) Chrismas song “Lately (White Confession)” and made INSPIRITS hearts extra warm.

And as Sunny Kim noticed he’s doing a lot (not in the program) for his fans, Kim Myung Soo replied “I want to keep doing things beacuse Filipino fans are so passionate”


Kim Myung Soo thinks a lot of a character where he can relate himself. Because if not, he can’t digest it well and he won’t be able to give a justice to the character.

He also revealed that he enjoyed working with Sung Dong Il and he’s like a mentor and friend to him that’s why he would like to work with him again. They kept in touch even after their drama together (Miss Hammurabi)


Our beloved Lee Sun (Kim Myung Soo) was left in awe when he found out that Filipinos loved watching historical Koraen dramas, especially when he’s starring on it! And now he left us expecting for another historical drama role when he promised to consider appearing in more historical dramas.


Kim Myung Soo explained everything we need to know about his upcoming drama with Shin Ye Eun “Welcome”

Compared to his previous character, his role is a lot different now for he is a innocent and child-like, somewhat a mix of a cat and a human.

Hong Jo still feels protective of the female protagonist of the drama Soo Ra. The character is the sort he would like to be next to her all the time. He further explained that the overarching theme of the show would make viewers feel that sense of security even without the actor being actively present.

A animal-lover himself, particulary a pet cat, he promises that after seeing the show, viewers would want to lift a cat by themselves. He then told viewers to watch out its premiere on March 25 on KBS 2TV.


Kim Myung Soo always knew how to look back! He secured every INSPIRITS by saying he would love to perform in the Philippines again with INFINITE and hopes that fans could wait for him (a military enlistment hint?).

He also said “I know this is something I need to talk about with my company. But, I will try my best to come back here in the Philippines for both solo activities and with INFINITE members”

L also shared that the cheers from the audience and the enthusiasm kept the show going was his favorite part of the show, even revealed that the staff and organizer were really shocked with the passion of his fans.


The VCR showed a lot of emotions to both Kim Myung Soo and fans as it shows strong support and love for the idol-actor

Of course, we cannot, and we will also never forget about this. Kim Myung soo thanked fans for a beautiful video and promised that he’ll be showing more better sides of him.

And you know what’s another important part of this project, L just sang their (INFINITE) song “Together.” For most fans, especially if it’s L biased which means, and INFINITE stan, it is precious. The fandom have been longing for a comeback, and Kim Myung Soo just parted ways with Woollim Entertainment which served as his home as a Korean celebrity for most of his time in the entertainment industry. Though he’s still a n INFINITE member, most fans are worried he cannot promote with other members since he’s busy and promoting a lot of other stuffs too, and he’s in another management now. But L keeps securing INSPIRITS hearts.

“I’ll be going back to Korea with great memories. I will do my best (in the future)”

One and a half hour never felt like less than 30 minutes! That’s how so much fun we had during the 2020 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting [Come With Me] in Manila. The best and the most intimate fan meeting ever!

The 2020 Kim Myung Soo Fan Meeting [Come With Me] in Manila is presented by Management Leesang, Applewood, and promoted by CDM Entertainment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the fan meet’s promoter, CDM Entertainment for letting us be part of their wonderful show. May God shower you and your families with more blessings!

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  1. That was ny first time attending such event and Im so glad that I did. But unfortunately, it just made me wanting to see him more, lol! I just wish that they would release a dvd version of the whole event so we can have something to keep as memorabilia.

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