Here’s Why You Should Be Watching ‘Start-Up’

Sandbox is set in the fictitious Silicon Valley of South Korea, this is where the dreams of being successful began.

Needing to make $90k to open her own business, Seo Dal-Mi drops out of a university and takes up part-time work. She dreams of becoming someone like Steve Jobs.

Nam Do-San is the founder of Samsan Tech. He is excellent with mathematics. He started Samsan Tech two years ago, but the company is not doing well. Somehow, Nam Do-San becomes Seo Dal-Mi’s first love. They cheer each others start and growth.

To understand more about these characters, we would love to introduce them to you!

Bae Suzy as Seo Dalmi

A bright and outgoing character who wants her own business to be a success. Through letters, a boy from her childhood encouraged her and got her through some really tough times. When she gets to see him as an adult, she is excited, but the dilemma is that the guy she encounters has not actually written the letters.

Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Dosan

Nam Joo Hyuk plays the role of Nam Dosan, a smart and a awkward guy who runs a start-up business that is struggling to survive in the world of business. A sequence of events lead Dal Mi to think that when they were younger, he wrote her letters, and as he falls for her, he gets caught up in the deception, and they all need to work together to succeed.

Kim Seon Ho as Han Jipyeong

An orphan ever since he was a child, a good boy in nature, that is Han Jipyeong! Being a smart and a wise kid, he made it in life by becoming a hotshot successful businessman.

Sharp, harsh, and insensitive? Enough reasons as to why some of the viewers took it the wrong way. So if you ever plan to work in a corporate world, might as well stop dreaming about it. You don’t belong to a place where sharp, harsh and insensitive business-minded people like Jipyeong works. Yes, you don’t, so take it as a sign from here if you can’t bear with it (or else you’ll come home running with so much tears in your eyes!).

His character in the business aspect of the story is just a head-start of what you will be facing in the future. Understanding Han Jipyeong in this industry is understanding how start-up funding and venture capital works.

Also, you might be thinking about the man who wrote the letters to Dalmi, yup, he’s the one who wrote it. You will definitely love and hate how Kim Seon Ho makes you feel! #SecondLeadSyndrome

Kang Hanna as Won (Seo) Injae

Won Injae is Seo Dalmi’s biological sister. The siblings parted ways in bad terms when they were young. Won Injae became a successful businesswoman not until unpleasant events makes it way to the scene. She found a way to not make herself feel she didn’t earn what she have, and that is to start her own company.

She could be sharp, harsh, and insensitive like Jipyeong. But she proves a point in some times. Here’s a little spoiler for you.

Dalmi accused her of being privileged in closing a deal with one company. Here’s a reality slap for you! It’s not because of Injae’s privileges, it is because of Dalmi’s lack of understanding how business industry works, as expected from a novice. Dalmi was sleeping while Injae’s busy closing a deal. See the difference? Stop being butt hurt over a reality slap. A great lesson for Dalmi to learn, indeed!

You’ll get to love and hate her character!

Kim Hae Sook as Choi Won Deok

She is Dalmi and Injae’s grandmother. She basically raised Seo Dalmi when she was left out by her mom and Injae, also, after her son (Dalmi’s father) went into an accident that caused him death until Dalmi is a grown woman. She’s well-known as halmeoni, who asks Jipyeong to write letters to Dalmi.

Halmeoni also sells the best corndog in town!

Samsan Tech Squad

From left to right: Yongsan, Dalmi, Dosan, Chulsan, and Saha

The plaid-wearing trio (Dosan, Yongsan, Chulsan) are the great programmers of this drama. They are the core of Samsan Tech!

The “San” in their names (Dosan, Yongsan, Chulsan), plus “Sam” which means three in Korean is the root word of their company name! Simple yet clever, that how they ended as Samsan Tech.

Dalmi plays the CEO of Samsan as they began operating in Sandbox and Saha plays as the designer.

Sounds fun, right? Hearing about the casts, their roles and the plot makes it more interesting! If you’re reading up to this point, this is a sign for you to watch ‘Start-up’

Start-up is streaming in Netflix, click the link to watch the drama >>> WATCH START-UP

Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, And Kang Han Na Are Ready To Take On  Challenges In “Start-Up” Poster | Soompi
From left to right: Han Jipyeong, Seo Dalmi, Nam Dosan, Won Injae

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