Editor Shares ‘Lovestruck In The City’ Drama Review

Drama Synopsis

Casts: Ji Changwook, Kim Jiwon, Kim Minsuk, So Juyeon, Han Jieun, Ryoo Kyungsoo

Park Jae-Won (Ji Chang-Wook) is an architect with a passionate and honest personality. He enjoys the small streets in the city and collecting different things. He does not forget the woman who stole his heart and disappeared.

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Lee Eun-O (Kim Ji-Won) works as a freelancer marketer. She takes a trip without making specific plans. While on her trip, Lee Eun-O meets Park Jae-Won in a strange place. She introduces herself as Yoon Sun-A and pretends to have a free spirit, which is a totally different personality from her real self. She falls in love with him.

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So yup, Hello! We are here to share another review on a recent K-drama — Lovestruck in the City.

From the beginning, this drama begins with 6 people sharing their lives in an interview format (similar to the Korean entertainment show: Heart Signal). They share their career lives and their dating lives.

도시남녀의 사랑법 이미지 검색결과
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In the beginning, the story was little bit slow and the interview format didn’t really capture my interest. However, I was wrong as Ji changwook and Kim jiwon show their love story.


Big chunk of this drama focuses on Eun-O and her journey in finding herself and accepting herself. She introduced herself as someone else, making another character out of herself when she met Ji Changwook. There’s a whole reason why she did that, but the drama did a good job in revealing the reason slowly throughout the drama. 

도시남녀의 사랑법 이미지 검색결과
Photo courtesy of KakaoTV
도시남녀의 사랑법 이미지 검색결과
Photo courtesy of KakaoTV

Ji Changwook accepts her as who she is, the past Eun-O, current Eun-O, and the future Eun-O. And that’s so RO.MAN.TIC. He also went through the phase of being angry at her for fooling him, but he realized even the anger is rooting from his love towards her. Therefore, he expressed his love towards her and went along with her pace.

This drama could be a hit or miss, but I think the drama gets better and better as you watch it!

Editor’s Score: 7/10

  • Very realistic 
  • Love Ji Changwook & Kim Jiwon’s chemistry
  • Love other characters and their romance
  • Could be boring in the beginning if you don’t pay attention! 

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