KDrama Review: Is Mr. Queen A “Worth Watching” Drama?

A hit or a miss? Yup, Mr. Queen could be one of those but you’ll never know unless you’ve seen the drama! So this review is mainly dedicated for those people who are planning to watch it, yay!


Jang Bong-Hwan currently serves as a chef at the President’s Blue House. He has a free spirit, but in the Joseon era, his spirit makes its way somewhere into the body of the Queen named Kim So-Yong (Shin Hye-Sun).

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Although the ruling emperor, King Cheol Jong, is the husband of Queen Kim So Yong, he is so in name only. The late Queen of King Sunjo, Sun Won, took advantage of the better nature of King Cheol Jong, and ruled the kingdom in his name. And she is facing competition from her own brother, Kim Jwa Guen, who has ambitions for influence as well.

Queen Kim So Yong is going to figure out that her husband is holding some secrets and is not as sweet and meek as he appears to be…


Shin Hye-sun as Kim So-yong, Queen Cheorin

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She is the 25th Joseon Dynasty queen who has a man’s spirit in her body. She uses her other body skills, Jang Bong-hwan, to carry back new delicacies in time to win the Grand Queen Dowager’s favor. Everyone claims she has a strange behavior because she uses new Korean vocabulary that incorporates terms that are not known by the people of the Joseon period.

Kim Jung-hyun as Lee Won-beom, King Cheoljong.

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With a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality, he is the 25th king of the Joseon Dynasty and has many secrets. He tends to be a figurehead, sweet and easygoing. Actually, he conceals the powerful aspects. As an incompetent ruler, as some wish, he is afraid of dying without doing much for the people. So, he’s preparing for the reforms secretly. He is a man who is determined to restore justice in the palace and he also worries for his people’s welfare. He also hopes not to be used again as a puppet king by the Grand Queen Dowager.


Yay! It’s time for the most exciting part of this article!

I don’t usually watch historical dramas because of its predictable (obviously, as it should be) bloody war scenes, sad and tragic moments between leads, greeds over positions, hunger for influence, or anything that I know would stress the hell out of me. (Not my thing! I’ve got so much on my plate already haha). Not to mention tragic endings, huh.

But Mr. Queen is different! I really liked how this drama showcased comedy with a sprinkle of rage, jealousy, desire, sadness, and tragedy.

THE CAST(ING). I honestly could not find a better actor and actress that fits the role better than Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun! That’s how good they are in portaying their roles, they hit every emotions and feelings. Exceptional!

Watching Mr. Queen is like a jackpot of drama genres, you get a bunch of it in one.

THE STORYLINE/PLOT. Although the drama went underfire after showing its premiere episodes, Mr. Queen still managed to be on top. Well written and well executed, I’d say.

The storyline brought us the range of Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun’s acting! And how can we forget about Choi Jin Hyuk being the funny guy out there? Well, I’m just trying to say that an hour of episode seems to fly by so fast and will leave you wanting more.

Like wanting to see what will happen between Sobong (Sobong is Soyong + Bonghwan) and the King after she found out that her husband tried to kill her! Oh gawd, that was intense, that’s the pain of watching an on-going drama.

Also, I really loved the scene where SoBong joined forces with the King! Oops, did I just spoil you? Well lot of things are gonna happen so you still need to watch the drama to find out!

Plus, Cheoljong actually wanting to change or restore the system they’re currently in, and how he wants to help the people within his jurisdiction needs all the applause in the world!

THE SUPPORTING CAST. Yes or yes? Yes! They’re so good I always wanted to see them, they also had really great chemistry with the leads which made the show even more fun and exciting to watch. Especially, the characters around Sobong — Hong Yeon, Lady Choi, The Royal Chef and Dam Hyang!

THE LOVE AND BICKERING. Just between enemy turned lovers — King Cheoljong and the Queen. One of the reasons why it was so fun to watch is because of their endless bickering with each other. Do I sound conving? I hope I do, because whenever they argue, it is really fun to watch. Knowing that Soyong isn’t that kind of person and Bong Hwan making her look like that in front of Cheoljong and leaving him all confused is satisfying enough, but we’re human beings (greedy) so we want more!

But as the time passes, the King starts to show his interest and love to the Queen (just when we thought we will never get any romantic scenes between them)! We loved that and that ramen stuff!

THE SECOND LEAD. Bet you thought of the syndrome? Hmm, yup! Somehow, at some point you’ll have the syndrome. But he ain’t the kind of #SecondLead where we can’t hate the character. With Byeong In, it’s love and hate. But I’ll guarantee you that you’ll end up loving him to death.


Was I too obvious? Haha! Mr Queen is a hit my dear friends. I’d give this 10/10 if it wasn’t for the ending!

Although an uproar arose in episode 2 after its broadcast when the series referred to the national treasure of Korea, the Veritable Archives of the Joseon Dynasty as a “tabloid.” This sparked anger among viewers, and the Korea Communications Standards Commission lodged complaints with around 700 people. While the author of the original Chinese drama made negative remarks about Korea in her other work, the series was also criticized. The producers issued a statement clarifying their position and apologizing for the controversy, adding that they were not aware of the novelist’s negative comments.

Just when we thought this drama will go downhill becuase of the controversy, it even went to the top and made its way to the 7th in the highest rated Korean drama in cable television garnering a national average viewership of 17.37%.

Hoping this would make you watch Mr. Queen! And oh, come back on this article and letus know how you liked the ending! *winks ala bonghwan*

Congratulations to the cast and crew, and to the viewers who felt the pain of watching such great on-going drama! It is now completed tho, but the pain you will feel when you finished watching it iz real! But worth it!

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