[KDRAMA REVIEW] Here’s Why You Need To Watch ‘The Penthouse S1’

Hello, I am a huge fan of The Penthouse right now and as season two is fire after fire, I wanted to write up a review on Penthouse 1. 

Penthouse 1 begins with a teenage girl, who falls off from the Hera Palace… (Yep, dramatic start!) 

As they reveal who she is and who killed her, the drama shows all negative aspects of a person.

  • Greed
  • Jealousy
  • Possessive & Protective
  • Rivalry 
  • Fake

The drama points out the dirty side of the humanity LOL.

What makes this drama fun and entertaining is that it’s very unrealistic and very dramatic. Scene after scene, they are all fast-paced! One episode makes one couple as killers, and another episode makes another one character as a killer. 


SBS 월화드라마 <펜트하우스> 이지아, 김소연, 유진 인물관계도

Because there are so many characters involved in this drama: I will introduce the three queens:

1. Lee Jin-Ah: Shim SuRyeon 

2. Kim SoYeon: Cheon Seo-Jin

3. Eugene: Oh YoonHee

펜트하우스'인가 '천상계'인가…'본방 사수' 부르는 김소연·이지아·유진 미모 자랑 - 세계일보
Photo courtesy of Segye Ilbo

These three are related in many aspects, as rivals, as friends, as alliances? 😊

This drama recorded high viewings in Korea but also globally! 

While drama makes you so stressed out, has this magic to make you continue to watch it.

They even received awards from 2020 SBS Drama Awards. 

Best Actor: Uhm KiJoon 

Best Actress: Kim SoYeon, Eugene, Lee JinAh 

Excellent Actor: Bong TaeGyu, Yoon Jong-Hoon

Excellent Actress: Shin EunKyung 


As a viewer of Penthouse 1 but also Penthouse 2, these actors are so good at acting that makes me want to give them a high score! My score is 9/10. If you haven’t watched it, I would recommend to watch it. Why? You’ll know why when you watch it! 

시청률 고공행진 '펜트하우스', '19금' 논란 속 포기 못하는 이것 - 오마이스타

Season 2 is currently being aired every Friday and Saturday; so Ilovekstars will comeback with another review when it finishes! 😊 

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