1 Reason You Should Consider Watching ‘Taxi Driver’

Kim Do-Ki (Lee Je-Hoon) is a UDT (underwater demolition team) official who graduated from the Naval Academy. His life altered after his mother was murdered by a serial killer.

Kim Do-Ki presently works for Rainbow Cab Company as a luxury taxi driver. The company isn’t your typical taxi service. The firm provides a unique “revenge-call” service. If a client requests vengeance, Kim Do-Ki and his coworkers will carry it out.

‘The Deluxe Taxi’, a webtoon by Carlos and Lee Jae Jin, is the inspiration for ‘Taxi Driver’ and not the movie that’s on your mind.

Their principal clientele are those who have been victims of crimes against which the court system has failed to protect them. Consider perpetrators who avoid prison or receive lower terms as a result of their ties. Kim Do Ki used to be a member of the Special Forces, which explains his combat abilities. He also pretends to be a regular cab driver in addition to accepting vengeance calls. He eventually becomes involved with a determined female prosecutor who is investigating Rainbow Taxi Company.

The plot itself serves as the entire reason for you to watch this wonderful drama!


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