Jo In Sung, Kim Hye Soo, Yum Jung Ah, Park Jung Min, and Go Min Si recently Begin Filming New Movie.

Filming on the upcoming film “Smuggling” (working title) has finally begun!

“Smuggling” is a new action criminal film set in a small, peaceful seaside community in the 1970s. Ryoo Seung Wan, the director of successful films including “The Battleship Island,” “Veteran,” “The Berlin File,” “The Unjust,” and others, will direct the project.

The film will star Kim Hye Soo and Yum Jung Ah as two ladies who become unexpectedly involved in a high-stakes smuggling plot. Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min, Go Min Si, and Kim Jong Soo will also appear in the film.

The creators of “Smuggling” announced on June 11 that filming had begun on June 5. They also published images of the starring actors at the film’s first script reading to go along with the announcement.

Filming for “Smuggling” is set to begin in the next five months.

Are you looking forward to see the new film?

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