Young K of DAY6 Contributes as Composer and Writer to the New OST for the Drama ‘Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)’ Season 2

Young K of DAY6 contributed to the OST “For You” for TV Chosun’s drama “Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)” season 2 as a song composer and lyricist (screenplay written by Lim Sung Han).

The music production firm for ‘Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)’, World Star Entertainment, says, “On July 18th at noon, the OST ‘For You,’ sung by actor Sung Hoon, who plays Pan Sa Hyun in the drama, will be released. Young K was involved in the music writing process, so expect a meaningful song in the near future.”

The OST was co-written, composed, and arranged by DAY6 member Young K and production studio 8PEXCOMPANY. The soundtrack to “For You” is a bright, contemporary song with a refined mood. “For You” is likely to impress listeners with its combination of warm string instrumentals, a soothing piano melody, and a catchy top line.

On July 18th at 12:00 KST, the ‘Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)’ season 2 OST Part 8 “For You” will be digitally published through various online music sites.

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