In a cameo for “Monthly Magazine Home,” Park Ha Sun and Ha Seok Jin Play an Affectionate Couple with a Secret

On JTBC’s “Monthly Magazine Home,” Park Ha Sun and Ha Seok Jin will make a surprise appearance!

Park Ha Sun and Ha Seok Jin will make cameo appearances on the show as a celebrity couple, according to new stills released by the production team. Park Ha Sun and Ha Seok Jin will participate in a photo shoot while wearing couple apparel at the house Na Young Won (Jung So Min) and Shin Kyum (Jung Gun Joo) come to report on. With their loving gazes and sweet smiles, they look to be a picture-perfect couple in the stills.

The special appearances of “Monthly Magazine Home” have already attracted a lot of notice. Shim Yi Young previously played a famous architect, while Kim Dong Young played her spouse and Na Young Won’s ex-boyfriend. With their parodies of the drama “The World of the Married” and the film “Parasite,” the two made a lasting impression. Lee Jung Eun, who played the copy editor for the magazine, told a hilarious story about relocating to Jeju Island to live like Lee Hyori, only to return to Seoul two months later due to loneliness.

“Ha Seok Jin and Park Ha Sun’s special appearance arose because to their relationship with ‘Drinking Solo’ scriptwriter Myung Soo Hyun,” the production team explained. Despite the fact that it was only a brief appearance, they readily accepted, and we are grateful to the two individuals who eagerly participated in the filming.” “There’s an unexpected surprise, so please look forward to that,” they said, adding that the two actors will make viewers burst out laughing.

The production team’s remark that the couple would be hiding something, combined with the couple’s too passionate actions, seems to imply that there’s more to the story than meets the eye, piqueing viewers’ interest in the next episode.

The next episode of “Monthly Magazine Home” airs on July 21 at 9 p.m. KST.

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