K-Pop Girl Groups That Continues To Promote Despite in Different Agencies

In K-Pop, groups usually actively promote together in one agency for 5 to 7 years. When their contract expires from their agencies, some members move to another company, some groups decide to disband, and there is also some group that gets into an indefinite hiatus.

The girl groups on our list are different. Despite them not anymore signed by their original companies, these girls still decide to continue and promote their group. They still maintain their group so that they can be with their fans until they can.

Here are the girl groups that are still actively promoting despite other members being signed by different agencies:


Early this month, it was revealed that the contracts of the WJSN members already expired. Only eight members renewed their contracts with Starship Entertainment. Despite this, Starship Entertainment revealed that the two members will still be part of the group and they will promote with them given a chance.


In 2021, MAMAMOO’s contract with RBW Entertainment expired. Eventually, only Solar, Moonbyul, and Hwasa renewed their contracts while Wheein decided to sign under THEL1VE. Although Wheein is no longer part of RBW Entertainment, she still participates in all MAMAMOO activities. She is also part of all the albums that were released after her contract expired with RBW Entertainment.


BROWN EYED GIRLS were formed by Nega Networks. In 2015, all the members did not renew their contacts and decided to move agencies. The four members then became part of Mystic Entertainment.

In 2018, member Narsha did not renew her contract with Mystic Entertainment. Despite this, she is still and will be part of any Brown Eyed Girls promotions. They are also the only girl group that has had no member change for more than 10 years.


Just like the girl groups above, Girls Generation is still promoting together despite some members signing under different agencies. In 2017, members Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Seohyun decided to leave SM Entertainment. Although the three are no longer part of SM, they firmly stated that they are still part of the Girls Generation. True enough, just last year the nation’s girl group Girls Generation released their seventh studio album, and all eight members participated in the album and all the promotional activities such as variety shows, guestings, and more.

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