Korean Food Recipes Recommended by K-Pop Idols

We can all agree that after being a K-Pop fan, you cannot also escape from their food, culture, or lifestyle. Especially when these K-Pop idols rave about something and your curiosity arises and you also want the experience. Just like when they do mukbangs on videos, travel in their hometowns, or recommend things that are only available in Korea.

There are times when K-Pop idol makes their guests on variety shows or when they do live broadcasts, they share their favorite Korean food or even, share recipes/combinations that can easily be recreated by fans.

In this blog, you can see some of the Korean food recipes that were shared by your favorite K-Pop Idols. You can check them out below.

Or if you can’t decide on what food to eat, why not try these recipes that K-Pop idols popularized/recommend:

GOT7 Mark

Convenience Store Food (Instant Tteokbooki, Instant Spaghetti, String Cheese, and Sausage).


Mixing banana milk with instant coffee (Two packs)

iKON Yunhyeong

Home cooked Jjamppong


Instant Jjajang Ramyeon with Truffle Oil


Janchi Guksu (Warm noodle soup made with thin wheat noodles)

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