Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji will reportedly work together in “Genie, Earth”

Actor Lee Sang Yeob and APINK’s Jung Eun Ji will reportedly join the upcoming k-drama “Genie, Earth.” 

On April 4, several media outlets reported that Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji will be the main leads of the upcoming series “Genie, Earth.” 

Lee Sang Yeob’s agency UNGBIN ENS responded to the casting reports. According to the agency, the actor is currently reviewing the offer. Meanwhile, Jung Eun Ji’s agency IST Entertainment shared that it is one of the projects that are offered to the idol actress and she is currently reviewing it. 

“Genie, Earth” will tell the story of a former prosecutor who got a superpower from alien substances and uses it to fight against evils. 

No details yet on the broadcast date release.

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