K-Pop Groups that lost members because of personal issues

K-Pop groups inevitably lose members for different reasons.

It may be because of health, dating,  conflict, bullying, death, pregnancy, and other different scandals. Some also get kicked out from a group for no confirmed reasons.

It’s not common for a group to lose a member but when it does, it’s almost always not because of a good reason.

Here are some of the K-Pop idols that left the group because of their circumstances:


VIXX is the latest group to have lost another member. Ravi is currently involved in military-related corruption. On April 11, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Ravi will no longer be part of VIXX.


In 2018, EDawn now more known as Dawn left Cube Entertainment and his group PENTAGON. He got kicked out of his group after his dating scandal with HyunA.


Just three months after Le Sserafim’s debut, they already lost a member due to a scandal. Member Garam was accused of school bullying that led her to leave the group.


Just like Garam, Soojin also left (G)I-DLE because of alleged bullying in the past. In August 2021, Soojin personally revealed that she will no longer be part of (G)I-DLE.


In June 2019, iKON lost its leader and member B.I. due to a drug controversy. B.I. (Kim Hanbin) personally announced that he will be leaving the group and YG Entertainment


In August 2019, member Jonghyun was involved in sending creepy DMs to a Youtuber. Because of this scandal, he announced that he will be leaving CNBLUE. This is not the first scandal of Jonghyun. He was also involved in the KakaoTalk group chat room of Jung Joon Young.


BIGBANG was no longer five since 2019. After member Seungri got involved in different scandals such as Burning Sun, sexual bribery, embezzlement, and more. He also retired from the industry because of these scandals.

Girls Generation

In 2014, SM Entertainment shocked everyone that Jessica will no longer be part of Girls Generation. According to the agency, Jessica will release one more album and then she will leave the group and pursue her personal endeavors. They also revealed that after Jessica launched her fashion brand, it has become her top priority. Meanwhile, Jessica also released her own statement and reiterated that she was just notified that she will no longer be part of Girls Generation through the agreement of the agency and the eight other members. Jessica also clarified that despite her creating her own fashion brand, Girls Generation has always been her top priority.

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