Kim Jae Young will be one of the main leads of the upcoming series “I Will Travel for You”

Kim Jae Young is confirmed to star in the upcoming travel healing series “I Will Travel for You.” 

On April 28, HB Entertainment, Kim Jae Young’s agency, shared that he will be part of the series “I Will Travel for You.” 

Kim Jae Young will be working alongside Gong Seung Yeon and Yoo Joon Sang. 

“I Will Travel for You” will be based on the Japanese novel “Tabiya Okaeri” by Harada Maha. It will tell the story of an idol-turned-reporter and her journey as she travels for others through a program. It will also showcase how she will realize the true meaning of life. 

Kim Jae Young will play the role of Lee Yeon Seok. He will be assigned to edit the travel show of Gong Seung Yeon’s character named Kang Yeo Reum. 

There are no confirmed broadcast channels and release dates yet for “I Will Travel for You.”

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