AOA Seolhyun will be the leading lady of Joo Ji Hoon in “Shop of the Lamp”

AOA’s Seolhyun got the offer to star in the upcoming webtoon-based series “Shop of the Lamp.”

On May 15, it was revealed that Seolhyun has been picked as the main lead of “Shop of the Lamp.”

According to the representative of Seolhyun, “Shop of the Lamp” is one of the proposed works to the idol actress and she is currently reviewing it.

If Seolhyun decides to be part of the series, she will be working with Joo Ji Hoon and actor Kim Hee Won who will direct the series.

“Shop of the Lamp” will base its story on the webtoon created by Kang Full. The series will revolve around the meeting of the living and the dead through a store that sells lamps.

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