5 Collaborations of IU that should forever be on your playlist

Digital Queen IU has collaborated with several artists. From rookies to songwriters, industry legends, hosts, and even top K-Pop stars. For this year, the singer-actress hasn’t announced any upcoming collaborations yet. While waiting for it to happen again, here are our top 5 favorite IU collaborations with male artists that you can add to your current playlist:

Palette with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

Eight with BTS Suga

GANADARA with Jay Park

Can’t Love You Anymore with Hyuk Oh

Leon with Park Myung Soo

Another collaboration that might be added to the list is the reported reunion of IU and BTS Suga this year. Early this month, industry insiders revealed that IU and Suga will be having another collaboration after their 2020 song “Eight.” Big Hit Entertainment gave a short answer and stated that it is difficult to confirm the collaboration reports of Suga and IU.

Many are already expectant of the next collaboration of IU. If the reports are true, her new song with Suga will surely be anticipated not just by their fans but also by the general public.

If you haven’t listened to these songs, try streaming and it will surely be part of your fixed playlist just like us!

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