2 PM Junho and Girls Generation Yoona’s new drama”King The Land” confirmed to air this June!

JTBC released more teasers for their upcoming k-drama “King The Land.”

On March 21, JTBC revealed the first still cuts featuring the main lead, Lim Yoona.

“King The Land” will tell the story of a chaebol (conglomerate) and a beautiful hotelier. The chaebol doesn’t like people who put on fake smiles. She will then meet the hotelier who always has a smile on her face due to her profession. The story will take place in the “King The Land” which is a VVIP Business lounge at the King Hotel.

Lim Yoona will potray the role of Cheon Sa Rang. She is the best fit for her job. She always put a smile on her face and has a friendly attitude. Growing up, she had a fond memory of King Hotel. She then decided to work there and does her best to also give the best experience to other customers just like what she experienced before.

“King The Land” will officially air on June 2023. It can only be viewed on JTBC, TVING, and Netflix.

Here are the first still cuts featuring Yoona:

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