Kim So Yeon in talks to make a special appearance in “Taxi Driver 2”

Kim So Yeon will reportedly make a special cameo appearance in the hit SBS k-drama “Taxi Driver 2.”

Several media insiders revealed on March 21 that Kim So Yeon will be the last star to have a guest appearance in the series “Taxi Driver 2.” According to them, the brilliant actress will be appearing in the last episode of the series. It was also reported that Kim So Yeon already finished filming for her cameo and her character will be the key point in the development of the story.

SBS then responded to the circulating news. The network didn’t deny nor confirm the reports and stated that the viewers should just check it in the broadcast.

Meanwhile, Nam Goong Min’s cameo appearance will be showcased in this week’s episodes.

“Taxi Driver 2” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM KST.

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